Why WordPress Is Still The Best Content Management System

So you might already know about some Content Management Systems out there on the internet. If you have been a web developer long enough or if you just started, you must get to know these content management systems even if you don’t use them to understand how they work and how you can use them in the future.

Just to name a few of these content management systems, there is Drupal, Joomla, Magento and of course the winner WordPress. What these do is manage your content such as articles, images, videos, comments that website visitors leave and so on. WordPress is more on the side of being a blogging platform but because of how much information it can handle and how flexible it is, it can be categorized as a content management system. As well as Drupal and Joomla. 

If you are a web developer, beginner or experience, you might already used WordPress before or have used Drupal or Joomla. Right now these are the top tools for blogging and website creation. Some would argue that Googles Blogspot blogging platform is a CMS but it has lost popularity and no one really uses it anymore or at least as much as before. Also Google does nothing to promote its own blogging platform. 

Out of all the platforms out there, why is WordPress still the winner.That is what we are going to break down today. 

To get a quick start, some people don’t know that WordPress runs 30% of the internet. Meaning 30% of internet websites today are powered by WordPress and that is not an exaggeration.


WordPress has a huge library of plugins created by PHP developers. The library is so vast that many developers profit from creating plugins and it has its own market place. 

WordPress currently has over 54,000 plugins compare to Joomla which only has 6000 plugins. 

WordPress plugins can pretty much do anything. Some plugins can turn your website into an ecommerce website or a landing page. Many companies also created their own WordPress plugins because they know how popular the platform is. Many web design agency focus solely on WordPress themes and designs because they know how much their clients love. 

WordPress plugins are easy to install and save you a lot of time and headaches. There is pretty much a plugin for almost every type of problem on the internet. From social shares to opt ins. 

Compare this to Drupal or Joomla which most companies have not heard of. If you sign up for Aweber, they have their own custom plugin for WordPress users. Joomla and Drupal dont have that. 

The library of WordPress plugins keep growing and the best part is that most of them are FREE.


This is one of the lovely things about WordPress. Themes really make the website flexible and allow you to give style. But its not just installing a theme that is so great about WordPress. Once you install a theme you can customize it. Change the header, font colors, sizes and much more. 

Developers can also make their own themes for WordPress. There are hundreds of thousands of themes out there on the internet. One of my favorite ones is the Canyon theme. I use it a lot and in fact I use it for my author website. 

Themes are also a pretty good business. You can create a WordPress theme and sell it on Theme Forest. 


Google loves WordPress websites. you see most wordpress websites are really fast. Unless you upload large size images then of course it will slow your website down but other than that, the majority of websites work great. 

WordPress has a many SEO plugins that you can add to your website that help you rank higher in the Google rankings. I have ranked articles in the Google thanks to WordPress and how organize the entire back office is. 

So if you are entering the SEO game then make sure you use WordPress, it is the best way to go. You can download themes that will speed up your website because we all know how much Google loves fast websites. All you really need is the All In One SEO plugin. Some argue that Yoast SEO is the best but its too complex for my taste. 

Freelance Opportunities

Freelancing for some other platform like Drupal, Joomla and even WIX or SquareSpace is hard. WordPress is so well established that is basically the Amazon of blogging and website creation. You can go on and see how many gigs there are for WordPress. From theme creation to WordPress management and so much more. 

Go on and see how many people are asking for help with their  Wordpress website. Your time is better spent learning WordPress development than Joomla. Seriously. 

Website builders like Wix or Squarespace is really for people who just want to create a portfolio website or a resume type website. People who know nothing about programming and just want something super easy to use. These are really micro niches and its hard to profit of these. It also sucks because then you have to spend more time learning Squarespace or Wix or Joomla. 


If you are a developer really consider learning WordPress. If you learn PHP and MySQL then give WordPress a shot because that its what its made of. 

WordPress is so flexible, it is a loved tool by internet marketers and even businesses. Companies such as Linkedin and Disney both use it to management their blog. 

Thanks for reading and if you are looking for someone with WordPress experience click here

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