Dev Interview: Tyriq Riggins

Can you introduce yourself (name, location, age, etc…)?

Hi, my name is Tyriq nice to meet you. I’m 21 years old and I originate in Brooklyn NYC. 

How did you get interested in programming?

That’s a great question. In 2017 i created an E-Commerce platform with a naive understanding of drop shipping and digital marketing. I had just stepped away from my minimum wage job washing dishes in lower Manhattan to taking a “leap of faith” in the world of Business. Fortunately, through the midst of downfalls while creating this digital platform i stumbled across a YouTube channel that discussed about customizing themes for shopify E-Commerce sites. Me being me i followed the instructions and loved the results. 1 it made my website look pretty but 2 it just caught my interest and it’s all she wrote from there on out.

When did you start learning to code?

Last year i bought this book called “Coding for Dummies” by Nikhail Abraham. I purchased this book read through it briefly and signed up for a coding bootcamp. It’s funny because a year later and i still have dummy moments while coding.

Where do you learn new skills?

Well, i just finished my semester in school and decided to take a Leave of Absence regarding the next term. So, in the meanwhile i’ve been coding hard on codingphase and I continue to keep building projects in order to get to that bag.

What do you love the most about programming?

I love the process. Realistically it will not take you a day to become a code wizard.Coding day in and day out, learning from your mistakes and sticking to it will pay off down the long road. I also enjoy putting in my head phones and avoiding people while coding. It makes me feel like an athlete on game day killing all my distractions in order to feed my focus. 

What do you hate about programming?

There’s not much to hate about programming. Success is in the mind it just takes effort to reach there. One thing i do dislike is sometimes my atom text editor doesn’t link my css correctly so at times i have to inline style a whole project.

Are you currently working as a developer?

No, not at the moment. I’m building projects and networking a lot via online, in person, school, internships. I must apply it to mind first then it’ll all unravel like a chipotle chicken wrap

What’s your favorite stack or type of applications?

I’m not to familiar with stacks at the moment. However, i do enjoy using Bootstrap and JavaScript in my projects.

What’s a technology or language or skill you wish to learn in the future?

I wish to learn reactJS. I was flipping through courses the other day and the intro to that react course had the hair on my neck standing up.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Realistically i hope to be out of the living situations i’m in and sustaining for myself financially. And in mental and physical shape of course.

If you were to go back into time and give yourself an advice to make it easier to learn to code what would you say?

This is a great question because i never grew up a techie kid. I was always into sports and journalism from a youth into late teen years. But i am grateful to find this path and continue to learn from Joe’s courses. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and learning new ways in programming to help real life situations. Lets continue to motivate one another and share our journey’s to help the next person.

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Written by Tyriq Riggins

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